Singin' Dog oboe reed

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Brand: Singin' Dog

About the Singin' Dog oboe reed:

These reeds are handmade by our friends at Singin' Dog Double Reed!

They are available in medium soft, medium, and medium hard and come with room for any needed adjustments. This reed is perfect for the advancing student who is ready for a step-up from student reeds. These reeds are very consistent and reliable, and we are so excited to have them here.

We enjoy providing double reed players of all ages many options to choose from. No two people have the same exact needs for reeds and we are here to help! Be sure to check out our full selection of available oboe reeds.

We are happy to host selection appointments so you can choose your own reed order. Contact us to see if this Singin' Dog oboe reed options is right for you!

Are you a school or an institution wanting to provide the best reeds for your double reed students? Let us know and we'd be happy to handle tax exempt sales and school discounts! We love doing what we do because we want to provide the best support to our double reed community far and wide. If you are not a native double reed player and are nervous about coaching your band students and could use help, let us know!

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