ACDC Bassoon Reed

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Brand: ACDC Reeds

From Ariel Detwiler about the ACDC Bassoon Reed:

"My reed style is based on consistently warm, high quality sound combined with an air support approach as opposed to embouchure manipulation or tension, allowing for longer stretches of performance and a wide range of colors and styles. These reeds are for the player at the intermediate or advanced levels, or someone looking to “upgrade” their sound from beginner reeds. My motto is always, "let the reed do the work!"

Cane Type: Rigotti or Lavoro

Shape: Rieger 1a (MD1)

All cane is processed from tube cane (from scratch) by Ariel herself."

The ACDC Bassoon Reed has been very popular with our customers who need a higher end reed but aren't quite into making their own yet. We also carry Ariel's contra reeds.

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