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NMC Student Bassoon Reed

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Brand: NMC

About our NMC Student Bassoon Reed:

Finally, a student bassoon reed that stays in pitch while allowing students to develop necessary muscles to grow into professional reeds!

The NMC Student Bassoon Reed is so user friendly for students, and with an attractive price. Parents and teachers both can feel at ease with students on these reeds. You will notice that they are smaller in size – this is due to the fact that the cane needs to be so soft for new bassoonists. If it wasn’t small, the reed would be flatter than a pancake! .

Guess what? These also come in our beautiful proprietary thread which is made by our friends at Squirrely Stash. Please reach out if you have any questions.

New to the amazingness of the bassoon?! Click here for resources and support.

School pricing available! Our school prices are varied based on individual product and cost. We believe in helpign to make double reeds accessible to all students, so if you’re a teacher, don’t hesitate to contact us!

We are also available for in-person appointments if you would like to take a closer look and select your reeds from our wide variety. We are taking sanitization precautions and are fully vaccinated, and our space is large enough to stay distanced.

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