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NMC ‘maestro’ oboe reed

In stock
Product Details
Brand: NMC

About our NMC ‘maestro’ oboe reed:

We are proud to offer this new reed model! We consider this reed to be a great ‘middle of the road’ option since it’s medium in every respect. Medium shape, medium tip opening, and medium staple size. Great for oboists just getting into handmade reeds or for a more experienced oboist wanted a reliable reed with consistency.

  • Ross gouged cane
  • Mack + shape – (medium)
  • Chiarugi 47mm 2 staple
  • Medium tip opening
  • Various finishes available per request

I have a great deal of pride in this handmade professional oboe reed option! They are meticulously wrapped at 72.5mm, are never overtied past the 47mm mark. Because I use a unique scoring technique on the bottom of the cane, they rarely have cane cracks above the thread. If you feel strongly about your cane or staple choice, just add a note to your order. If you’d like to work on making your own reeds, we highly recommend our handmade reed blanks!

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