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NMC Handmade Professional Oboe Reed Blank

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Product Details
Brand: NMC

About our NMC Handmade Professional Oboe Reed Blanks:

  • Ross gouged cane
  • Brannen X shape
  • Various cane and staple options available by request

I have a great deal of pride in this Handmade Professional Oboe Reed Blank option! They are meticulously wrapped at 72.5mm, are never over tied past the 47mm mark. Because I use a unique scoring technique on the bottom of the cane, they rarely have cane cracks above the thread. If you feel strongly about your cane or staple choice, just add a note to your order. If there is no note on your order, I will choose a staple/cane combo that is working well given our season here in Nebraska and that we believe will work well in your location. See if this handmade professional oboe reed blank is right for you! If you’d like to see what potential these blanks have, we recommend checking out our handmade professional oboe reeds.

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